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Risk Management Kanban & FMEA Toolkit

March 1, 2015 Leave a comment

Kanban is a very effective visual tool that does more than just help teams manage work. It actually stimulates continuous thinking and team participation in the risk management process: a risk management Kanban is an interactive tool for the project team whereas a traditional risk management plan document is a distinct tool for the project manager. Project teams interact with the Kanban board, reducing or eliminating risks over the course of the project life cycle so risks do not become issues.

Risk Management Kanban & FMEA Toolkit image jpeg

FMEA is one of the best tools for risk management because it helps teams focus on business process vulnerabilities and failures, the leading causes of project failure. Most failures result from process inputs or activities that are not in control or those that are new and not previously tested. FMEA can help you identify and address these critical processes and lower the probability of risk occurrence.

This is a different approach to risk management using a combination of Kanban and Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) techniques. Create a Kanban based on FMEA to define, evaluate and manage process risks and mitigation tasks before risks become issues.  Get this toolkit here.