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VyrtuNet Templates for Product Development Project Managers

August 8, 2010 Leave a comment

This post was updated on 8/8/2010.

Bringing a new product or service to market is a complex endeavor involving cross-functional collaboration and iterative processes that guide teams from initial concept through product release.  Although there is a multitude of expensive software tools available to help guide product teams through the product development process, VyrtuNet offers a collection of product development tools and templates ideal for any organization designing, building or manufacturing tangible products.  Here are some examples of Product Development tools and templates available from

Check out our Product Development Plan template….


If you design and build new products, take a look at our Product Development Process & Checklist (image below).  This template describes a detailed process for each phase of product development including concept, design, development, test, launch and transition.  It includes all inputs, activities, deliverables, quality checks and exit criteria for each project phase.  We also have a Product Development Schedule Template in MS Project available (not shown here) that provides more guanular activities and tasks for the duration of the development process.

Product Concept Template: This is a detailed template of questions that justify a project request or product development concept.  Product or Project Managers answer these questions to identify the customer, describe customer needs, describe market dynamics, document a market and sales forecast, describe the competitive environment, outline industry needs, describe the revenue forecast, document cost savings and describe business impacts.  When completed this information is used to align the project request or product concept with a company’s business strategy and objectives.  This template is FREE and is available here:

Product and Project Managers use our Product Release Report template to validate the completeness of product design, development and test activities prior to product launch.  It maps all design, development and test requirements, metrics and planned objectives to achievements.  When completed this document provides essential information and final status to ensure all impacted business systems and support units are prepared for product launch and provides input into the product launch and transition strategies.

Each template desribed above is available here:

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