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VyrtuNet’s 2013 Customer Celebration: We Want to Hear from You

Each year we invite all VyrtuNet community members to participate in our annual appreciation event when we give away lots of good stuff in celebration of you and your accomplishments!  To show our appreciation this year we have lots of fun surprises for our customers, subscribers and followers and details will come soon.  We keep growing!  2012 was our biggest year ever at www.vyrtunet.com and we have you to thank.

This year we want to give you a chance to tell us what you would like to see.

Our 2013 theme:  Duct Tape is Not a Project Remedy

Duct tape

We continue to build and plan to launch more information and products emphasizing Project Management Office and Portfolio Management implementations.  Why?  Because recent surveys and trends indicate some organizations still question the value of project delivery services.  What would you like to see to convince the skeptics about the value of project management?  Can you think of any new templates or tools that can add value for your customers or help you become more efficient?  How would you describe “value” driven delivery to your customers and project teams?

We want to hear from you.  Keeping with this year’s theme and today’s project management trends, let us know what we can do for you during our month-long celebration.  Become a member of our website community at www.vyrtunet.com (it’s free and you get free templates), subscribe to one of our blogs P3 Peak Performance  or PM Innovations and leave a comment, follow us on Twitter and send us a Tweet, follow us on Pinterest and comment on one of our boards or visit our Facebook page and post on our wall.  Contact us to let us know what we can do help you become better project managers during our annual appreciation event.

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